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<p>Supplied in a five drawer professional roller cabinet and a three drawer top chest.<br />
Manufactured from heavy gauge steel with double wall construction side panels and welded joints for added rigidity.<br />
Coated in a hard wearing epoxy powder.<br />
Fully opening drawers for extra accessibility.<br />
Quick release smooth running ball bearing drawer slides with double sliders on base drawer. <br />
Supplied with top mat and drawer liners. <br />
Fully locking. <br />
125 x 50mm heavy duty extra strong castors.<br />
Fitted with two brakes.<br />

<p>Overall dimensions: 890 x 690 x 460mm.<br />
Castors are rated to 100kg capacity standing load per castor.<br />
Top compartment size: 89 x 661 x 150mm. <br />
Drawer sizes: 1@ 51 x 591 x 282.5mm, 2@ 102 x 591 x 282.5mm. <br />
Internal drawer dimensions: 4@ 591 x 460 x 102mm. 1@ 591 x 410 x 204mm.Set of 25 HSS drills 1 - 13.00mm x 0.5mm. <br />
Eight piece 200mm (8&rdquo;) double cut engineer&rsquo;s file set. <br />
16cm (61/2&rdquo;) cut 2 assorted needle file set. <br />
20x 150mm (6&rdquo;) junior hacksaw blades.<br />
10x 12&rdquo; x 1/2&rdquo; x 18TPI HSS all hard hacksaw blade. <br />
25x 230mm x 280mm assorted abrasive sheets. <br />
200mm (8&rdquo;) soft grip phosphate adjustable wrench. <br />
6x 150mm flat cold chisels. <br />
3&rdquo; 18-bade metric/inch comb feeler gauge set. <br />
4&rdquo; x 3/16&rdquo; (4.8mm) square head centre punch. <br />
Set of 6 parallel pin punches. <br />
150mm/6&rdquo; inch/metric rigid rustless rule. <br />
300mm/12&rdquo; rigid rustless rule - round end.<br />
150mm (6&rdquo;) engineer&rsquo;s square. <br />
300mm (12&rdquo;) engineer&rsquo;s square. <br />
7&rdquo; double ended engineers scriber. <br />
11/4&rdquo; focal length eye loupe. <br />
Adjustable telescopic 11/4&rdquo; mirror. <br />
Set of two: 1/16&rdquo; - 1/4&rdquo; and 1/4&rdquo; - 3/4&rdquo; tap wrenches.<br />
1lb ball pein hammer - wood shaft. <br />
16oz black rubber mallet - wood shaft. <br />
5 1/2&rdquo; plastic handle household scissors. <br />
8 1/2&rdquo; plastic handle household scissors. <br />
5m/16&rdquo; professional ABS steel tape. <br />
Snap-off 8 seg-blade heavy duty economy knife. <br />
Retractable trimming knife c/w five blades. <br />
Beaver style junior hacksaw. <br />
Professional &lsquo;plus&rsquo; cushion grip hacksaw. <br />
Magnetic pick-up tool. <br />
Set of four Pro-Torq pliers. <br />
10&rdquo; curved jaw grip wrench<br />
12 piece Pro-Torq screwdriver set. <br />
64 piece 1/4&rdquo; hexagon bit set. <br />
1/4&rdquo; hex bit driver. <br />
Seven piece box spanner set 6 - 19mm c/w tommy bars. <br />
Combination wrenches: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19mm. <br />
50 piece metric 3/8&rdquo; square drive socket set. <br />
8&rdquo; straight blade tinsnip. <br />
Three drawer professional tool chest. <br />
Five drawer professional roller cabinet. <br />
Eight piece metric Pro-Torq hex wrench set on clip.<br />
Nine piece inch Pro-Torq hex wrench set on clip. <br />
19mm x 33m black PVC insulation tape.<br />

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